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It’s time for me to try to get back on track with my blog. This November… My grandmother spent the month in the NSICU and is now finally in a rehab center. I had a plethora of doctor appointments. Grades were due for the first marking period, followed by 26 parent teacher conferences. Another stress factor? We were hoping on decorating and finishing our dining room before our Thanksgiving feast, but we’re running a little late. Maybe before New Year’s Eve. Due to my high stress levels, Thanksgiving break was needed now more than ever.

Five things reduce stress for me: 1) baking, 2) painting, 3) friends, 4) bubble baths and 5) well, nevermind… Even though my break wasn’t stress free, it was filled with stress reducers. The best way to end my break? In an empty house, pulling out a fresh blank canvas… or three. I quickly painted this triptych of alliums (my favorite bulb flower) for our dining room. My mind and soul relaxing with each stroke, back to a place where I feel more balanced.

Allium Triptych

Allium Triptych

The photo was taken with bad lighting at a bad angle. Once Hubster hangs the paintings on the wall I will update the post with a better picture.

Now it is time for a bubble bath and an early night to bed.

How was your Thanksgiving?