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Between prepping my lessons for teaching and completing my lessons for my intensive course, I have not spent much time in the kitchen. Or anywhere else but in front of my computer, and unfortunately not on my blog. When I have made it into the kitchen, it hasn’t been to cook the delicious foods I like to prepare (and consume). It has all been boring, basic and quick.

Hubster does not cook… ever. Okay, he’ll cook his own venison… he’ll make a very occasional grilled cheese (I think I last had one over a year ago) and recently he’s mastered the art of brewing a cup of coffee (which I do not drink). Now in all fairness, he does work many late nights and is exhausted when he gets home, so I don’t really expected him to do any of the cooking.

Then one magical night (last week), we were driving home from school together (Hubster actually had an early week!!!) and Hubster asked me what I was making for dinner. I responded that I had defrosted some chicken and that I’d probably heat up some frozen veggies and cook some potatoes. Quick, easy and boring. After we were home and took care of our fur children, I busied myself with my homework. I wanted to complete a major assignment before I started dinner. I heard the tea kettle whistle and Hubster asked if I wanted tea. He is pretty sweet & considerate and will make me a cup of tea now and again…

Then I heard the magical words, “How do you make this chicken?” I said I had planned on coating it and baking it. “How do you do that?” I jumped up and lined 4 bowls on the counter. I scooped flour (salt, pepper and paprika) into the second one and breadcrumbs in the last. I told him to use milk and eggs, as I pointed to the remaining bowls. And I just as quickly sat down. He questioned me like crazy (which meant that even though he was being thoughtful, I wasn’t getting any work done in this time), so I was careful to give him very clear precise directions, but remained at my laptop.

Hubster managed to bake breaded chicken tenders, steam a vegetable medley and slice & pan fry some potatoes. Even though the chicken was a bit dry (shhh, don’t tell him) and the potatoes were extremely peppery, it the most special meal I had in a long time. Hubster was quite proud of himself too. Afterwards, I asked Hubster if he would be making chicken any time again soon. He was quick to tell me, probably not. Another reason I love Hubster? He never ceases to surprise me.

Hubster Finds The Kitchen

Hubster Finds The Kitchen

How has your partner surprised you recently?