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Moving Day!
When we moved into our rental in October, we spent a week (after work) moving our stuff and unpacking. Which meant not only did I have to make room in the kitchen to unpack my pans, I needed the energy and time to make something at 9 o’clock at night… so we went out to a local shop to eat instead. Okay, so I admit, the first two nights it was nice to eat someone else’s cooking. By the third night I was over it, and itching to get back into the kitchen. That week led me to this decision, pre-made frozen dinners. No, not some over-salted over-processed thing you buy in the supermarket freezer aisle, home-made ones of course.

Before we moved, I wanted to use most of the food we had in the freezer and pantry. I don’t like to waste food, but I also don’t like to pack my pantry either. I disposable foil pans and made some delicious dinners we could easily enjoy. When it came time for the move I filled a cooler with these frozen pans and then made the 30 minutes drive.

During the move, prepping dinner will be really easy. When taking an early afternoon water break, pull dinner out of the freezer to defrost a bit. When taking a later afternoon water break, stick it in the oven to bake. Remember, you’re probably not yet used to your new oven, so cooking time may vary. Leftovers are great for lunch the next day, just warm up in the microwave. Foil and freezer bags are a great way to store homemade breakfast sandwiches. I also have 6 heavy-duty plastic  dinner trays, meant for the freezer and microwave. With the three divided sections, they are a nice break from casserole style food.

Make Ahead & Freeze

Make Ahead & Freeze

Casseroles On The Menu This Week:
Penne Sausage Pasta
Lasagna (Pumpkin’s favorite)
Chicken & Rice Casserole
Stuffed Shells

Dinners On The Menu This Week:
Turkey Ham, green beans and potatoes

Breakfast On The Menu This Week:
Egg, muenster cheese & turkey sausage on an English muffin
Cream of Wheat

Of course, I already unpacked 2 large pitchers, wooden spoon, bag of sugar and bottle of lemon juice and tea bags… because we are going to go through a lot of lemon-aide and iced tea this week.

What meal or comfort food would you prep ahead of time for a move?