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Every thing is packed up and ready to go… the key is in our hands, but we have a few things to do first. I’m a planner; I like everything laid out & prepared and sometimes I over think things. I am flexible, but the Girl Scout in me is always prepared…

#1 ICE (In Case of Emergency) & Other Numbers
Have emergency contacts ready, you never know what might happen. Know where the closest hospital with emergency room is located. If you have pets, have a new veterinarian ready and an emergency center if separate. Do you know who your new family doctor and dentist will be? Get referrals from your current doctor/dentist before you move. Have a takeout menu for at least one good local restaurant.

#2 Flea Bomb
The previous owners are supposed to have had the carpets cleaned before they left (even though eventually we’ll be ripping them out). My Dad gave us this good tip: Since the previous owners had a dog and cat, flea bomb it (after all it is summer). Especially since we have our own dog and cat. So after closing yesterday, we set up a few flea bombs and headed for the hills.

#3 Clean, Clean, Clean
Hubster thinks I’m a little crazy and obsessive with this one, “Why do you want to wipe the walls, we’re just going to paint over them.” Sorry Hubster, but I just need to make sure every nook and cranny is cleaned first. Get the scrubbing done now and then cleaning will be easier to maintain… I’ve got a huge box of cleaning supplies ready to work wonders.

#4 Stock Freezer
Who has the time or money to keep eating out when you’re moving? Or the time to cook?  I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

#5 Spackle, Sand & Paint
We have to agree on colors? Again? At least we know what our furniture and drapes look like, so we don’t clash.

#6 Update Important Information
With a plethora of paperwork and documentation, it’s hard to keep it all straight.

What else did you do before moving in to a new home?