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Remember me?
I started this blanket a year and a half before my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary… In my college days, I could pump out a full size afghan in just over a month, less than a month if I had a break… I would crochet while I studied my notes or while watching television. I figured a year and a half would be more than long enough to tackle an extremely large blanket. My vision was for their blanket to be long enough to cover a King Size bed, with both them under it, and still have enough to hang over the sides of the bed. I used a housemate’s queen size bed to estimate the size of this blanket. Of course, by time I completed my 10th row, I knew this was going to be larger than I planned… I continued with my project anyway.

Before I realized, graduation, work and grad school got in the way… I actually had left it at my parent’s house for a few years during grad school. So when I got the blanket back, I wasn’t surprised to find out that one of the colors was discontinued… so my project sat and sat… Last year, another blogger introduced me to idea of a “UFO”, unfinished object. I went to the craft store and found out the yarn color had been reissued. Yay! Work began again… then life fell back to my busy routine and the blanket was pushed to the side again.

When we knew we were moving, I wanted to stash bust. I wanted to finish this blanket before we moved and I was making a lot of progress. Unfortunately we had more packing than we thought…

Stripe Pattern

Stripe Pattern

In January I unpacked a box and found the blanket… I was in the home stretch now, and couldn’t let it slide away (I wanted it finished before I had to pack again). The problem is this blanket is so difficult to work on due to its size. I had to sit in the middle of the couch, with my feet on a footstool in front of me, the blanket stretched out of either side of me, spilling over the footstool. Or I’d sit on my bed and work on it there. A lot of sweat went into this blanket… It’s large enough to fit a California King and still hang down the sides with both them under it.

Folded in half it covers a queen bed perfectly…

Finally finished your blanket Mom & Dad! Happy 32nd (and a half) anniversary… I hope this keeps you warm!

What unfinished projects do you have yet to complete?