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I am looking for more ways to use star fruit in my cooking, in fruit salads and desserts is just the obvious ways. I wanted to try something different so I whipped up this chicken. Hubster wasn’t a fan of the citrus but I enjoyed it… I guess you can’t always agree on everything. I originally planned on grilling the chicken, but I was just in the  mood to stick it in the oven and forget about it for a while.

Carambola & Pistachio Chicken

Carambola & Pistachio Chicken


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1/2 c. pistachios, 2 star fruit, 1/2 small shallot, 1/4 c. honey, 1 Tbsp. fresh ground ginger, 1 Tbsp. fresh chopped cilantro, 1 tsp. lime zest, 2 Tbsp. lime juice, fresh ground sea salt, 1 tsp. pink peppercorns

In a food processor blend together 1 star fruit, 1/4 c. pistachios, shallot, honey, ginger, cilantro, lime juice & lime zest, salt and pepper. Place chicken in casserole dish and pour marinade over chicken and keep chilled. Preheat oven 350°F, bake chicken until center is no longer pink. Garnish with sliced star fruit and remaining pistachios.

Serve with pomegranate pistachio rice or basmati pistachio rice.

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