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One of my friends from work just found out that she may deliver her baby girl a littler early than expecting. She likes the headbands I made for my niece and I was planning on crocheting some for her. My nieces were just a tad too big for a newborn, so I made these a little smaller. They are stretchy so they will work for her for a little while. I plan to make her a few more in a larger size, since babies grow so fast…

Beautiful Baby Headbands

Beautiful Baby Headbands

The top head band I crocheted with lavender baby yarn. Each row had 3 half double stitches and chain 3 on the end. I added a purple and hot pink ribbon flower.

The middle headband was crocheted with a light blue baby yarn. I used 2 double stitches per row and a chain on the end. I adorned it with a 8 petal ribbon flower.

The third headband was made with the lavender baby yarn. I crocheted one half double stitch per row with a chain 3 on the end. It is embellished with a flower made of purple ribbon with white polka dots.

What are you crafting now?