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Tomorrow (or possible super early Tuesday), we will have a new niece! It’s my SIL’s third child, but with two older boys, this little girl will have no choice but to be spoiled with girlie clothing and accessories (she’s the first granddaughter for my in-laws).

Beautiful Baby Headbands

Beautiful Baby Headbands

I made her a few spring-inspired headbands…
For the first one, I used baby pink yarn (2 double crochets per row, chain 3) and made a cute hot pink and orange ribbon flower to add. Originally I thought about crocheting the flower, but I like the visual mix of textures.

Her second headband was made with lavender yarn (1 half double crochet, chain 3) embellished with purple ribbon with white polka-dots.

The third headband was crocheted with baby blue yarn (3 double crochets per row, chain 3) and I added a turquoise and lime green flower printed ribbon.

Finally, the fourth one was crocheted with lavender yarn (4 double crochets per row, chain 3) and I added a dark purple and hot pink ribbon flower.

I wanted to make a fifth headband (light green with baby pink and lime green ribbon), but the craft store was out of the color.

Pumpkin wanted to learn to crochet. Since I’m a righty and he’s a lefty, it was a little more difficult to learn and he gave up quickly. Maybe when he’s older we’ll give it another go (or maybe his lefty Aunt B will teach him the next time she’s in from Scotland)…

Any new family members on their way to joining your family soon?