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Today is Ground Hog’s Day…. will we have 6 more weeks of Winter?  Or will Spring come early?

I whipped up breakfast, while I was waiting for Punxsutawney Phil to make his prognostication. These Grilled Breakfast Wraps can be made with what ever ingredients you like.

Grilled Breakfast Wraps

Grilled Breakfast Wraps

4 whole-wheat flour tortillas, 5 eggs, splash of milk, fresh ground sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, 5 slices of turkey bacon, fresh salsa, Mexican blend shredded cheese, taco sauce

Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper together. Chop bacon and toss into egg mixture. Pour into pan and scramble eggs over medium heat. Warm flour tortillas briefly in oven. Layer eggs, cheese and fresh salsa in wrap. Fold side in, bottom up and top down. Place seam side down on hot griddle. Grill for a few minutes and flip. Serve hot with taco sauce for dipping.

Whether making this easy dish for an on-the-go breakfast, a hearty brunch or a breakfast for dinner night, it’s sure to please those around you.

What ingredients would you include in a grilled breakfast wrap?


Updated at 8:30am… the benefit to having a massive winter storm on Ground Hog’s Day?

Photo Courtesy of groundhog.org

Photo Courtesy of groundhog.org