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Sea Glass Inspired Earrings
I love chandelier earrings, I love beaded earrings, and I love making earrings. My wardrobe consists of a lot of turquoise and green. I made a green pair of earrings over a year ago that has a mix of browns, tans and dark greens. I love them and wear them often, but they just don’t go with all of my green tops… In fact, they don’t go with the Christmas shirt I just embellished. I decided to use the left over beads to make a complementary pair, which combines my favorite colors. The base frame for my earrings are my favorite to use, this is now the third pair I’ve made for myself using this frame.

Green Chandelier Earrings

Green Chandelier Earrings

I didn’t get a great photo, due to the dark and snowy weather.

I made a pair just before Christmas and I made this pair yesterday, I’d say my earring fetish has been feed, at least for a while longer…

What is your guilty indulgence?