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Homemade Christmas
On the first day of Buck hunting season, Pumpkin and Hubster both got their bucks… I guess I’m not a hunter’s widow this year. It was Pumpkin’s first buck ever, and he got it with his first shot! A week and a half later, his picture and caption appeared in the newspaper in the “buck bragging” section. Hubster is having the antlers mounted, but I don’t like things like that displayed in the house. I wanted to preserve this occasion for him for years to come, so I used the article to customize a wall plaque for him.

I carefully cut out the article and placed it on the wooden plaque. I marked the area where the article would lay. Then stained the small wood plaque. I carefully cut a square of scrap booking paper and used Mod Podge to glue it to the plaque. Using Mod Podge I attached and sealed the article on top of the square. I glazed the visible scrapbook paper and article to protect them. I added a green picture mat around the article by gluing it to the plague, carefully centering it. At the bottom of the plaque, I painted ‘2010’ in a cream color. At the top I painted ‘”Pumpkin’s” 1st Buck’.

Pumpkin's Buck Brag Plaque

Pumpkin's Buck Brag Plaque


I blurred parts of the picture to maintain our privacy.

Pumpkin’s wall plaque was wrapped and waiting for him under the Christmas tree, he told me it was his favorite present this year out of everything he “ever got from anyone ever”. He loved it so much he made me a love coupon for a 10 minute massage that I’m allowed to cash in as much as I’d like to in the next year… he said I could even use it on my feet. Now, that’s love! ❤