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I’m back from my wonderful Christmas vacation with family and friends. I only wish I got this posted 12 hours ago…

Here’s to a Lucky New Year
There are many traditional foods that are thought to bring good luck in the New Year. My mom & dad make pork & sauerkraut; I don’t eat pork and Hubster doesn’t eat sauerkraut. Or you could eat black-eyed peas… I don’t have any in the cupboard so does listening to them count? We didn’t eat 12 grapes at midnight either. Toasting with champagne at midnight? We finally have one!

Then there are actions which bring good  luck in the year to come. Where I grew up, people run outside at midnight banging on noisemakers and shouting “Happy New Year” to the night sky. My first New Year here, the neighbors and my friends thought I was crazy when no one else followed me out the front door, so that idea put on the back burner. The first visitor should be a tall dark-haired man, check! We actually have two! Kissing your loved one at midnight? Ah, now we’re on a roll!

New Year's Bouquet

New Year's Bouquet


There are also the things I consider to bring good luck, but I have no idea if there are any roots to any of these beliefs. This list just makes sense for me to do, to start a new year with a bit of good luck.

1) Start with a clean house

2) Start your resolution before Christmas

3) Have fresh-cut flowers in your home

4) Have candles burning in your window sill

5) Celebrate with close friends and family, whether a few or many

6) Eat a sweet for breakfast (today we had grilled pound cake)

Wishing you all a healthy, wealthy and wise New Year! I want to know: What brings you good luck for the New Year?