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After a long winter, cold weather can become unbearable… why not start the winter off right? Warm can be fashionable… In the past 10 years I’ve graduated from wearing crocheted ear warmers with matching scarves to wanted something cuter to match my pashminas. One of my girlfriends purchased a similar fleece ear warmer, and I couldn’t justify dropping $20 on one that I didn’t even completely love. Being crafty is sometimes a blessing to the purse.   These fleece ear warmers are quick and easy to make and (when your sewing machine isn’t broken one week before Christmas) are completely personalized. This makes a great gift for a kids, teens and adults alike. Give them as a stocking stuffer or use them as the bow on a gift wrapped present.

I used fleece for the ear warmer, but the flower is a mix of fleece and felt in complementary colors. I used a coordinating button to tie it all together. If you’re not into flowers, try ribbons, box, buttons, sequins, anything to jazz up a plain ear warmer. Since fleece isn’t too stretchy I tapered the ends in and used a hidden velcro dot to close my ear warmer, but you could also sew a button-hole and use a button to secure it. Get the full tutorial here.

Flirty Fleece Ear Warmer

Flirty Fleece Ear Warmer

Be kind to me, I’ve been sick for 5 days with minimal rest and it shows. It was the best picture I could get of the ear warmers without any natural light…