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An indoor succulent garden is the perfect gift for the non-green thumb, they can even forget to water it for a while. Succulents are forgiving, adaptive plants, that vary in color and texture. This indoor garden can be a great Christmas present, house-warming gift, or centerpiece for the party’s hostess.

Before we moved, I pulled tiny three chicks out of my garden. They sat in a cup on the window sill at our interim place for two months, until I rediscovered them today and planted them.succulent


Glass dish (I used a leftover centerpiece bowl from our wedding), garden soil, succulents to transplant, river rocks (or marbles, or  gem rocks)

Clean glass dish and pour a layer of dirt on the bottom. Depending on the type of succulent you use, remove any dried leaves and extra roots. With the chicken & hens, I trimmed the root to 1″ long. Arrange the succulents in the soil. Remember they will fill out as they grow. Carefully arrange rocks around the plants, covering the soil. Drizzle or spray plants and rocks to dampen the soil, keep damp for the next 7 days.

Succulent Suggestions:
Chicks & hens, snake plant, jade, sedums, living stone, cacti

What is your favorite succulent?