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I’m Back In The Kitchen
It’s been a while since I’ve been able to cook. With a few weeks of late night packing and now unpacking, I haven’t been in the kitchen much. That is mentally draining on me, since I enjoy preparing food so much. Last weekend I finally got the kitchen unpacked, and got a few frozen things to make quickly. It’s just not the same, but it was better than eating out every night. This weekend was the first I’ve been able to actually go grocery shopping and get fresh ingredients. Despite that I’m feeling very sick today, cooking makes me feel more human. Mix in the cold temperatures (it was sleeting yesterday), my choice was obvious. I made something quick and comforting to eat tonight, chicken corn chowder.

I often see chicken corn soup that looks exactly what I expect chicken noodle to look like.  There are similarities, but the differences should be more complex. So I prefer my chicken corn soup graduated to a chowder, and my chowder with rivals.

Chicken Corn Chowder with Rivels

Chicken Corn Chowder with Rivels

whole chicken, water to cover, 3 bay leaves, 1 c. chardonnay, 1/2 shallot minced, 1 handful fresh chopped parsley, 4 c. fresh corn kernels, 4 small red potatoes, 1 pint heavy cream, fresh ground sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, double batch of rivels.

Place chicken, bay leaves and chardonnay in stock pot and boil until done. Remove from heat and allow chicken to cool. Discard bay leaves, bones, skin, fat and cartilage. Cut potatoes into small cubes and add to stock pot. Turn heat on and bring to a boil. Once potatoes are soft add minced shallots, chopped parsley, corn, salt and pepper, allow to simmer. Turn heat to low and drop in rivels, simmering 5 minutes. Mix in heavy cream and simmer two minutes. Remove from heat, serve hot.

*The corn was picked from my neighbor’s garden this summer, I had a few extra ears to cut down and freeze the kernels. Using fresh corn instead of canned or store frozen make a magnitude of difference.

*Get the recipe and directions for my rivels in this post.

What was for dinner at your house tonight?