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When many people move, they say they’re “living out of boxes”. The chaos of unpacking overwhelms and the steam to unpack dwindles. I’d rather live out of a suitcase than a box… pretend you’re going on vacation and pack what you think you’ll need for a week or two. Keep the packed suitcase in the car, not the moving truck and you’ll have what you need at your fingertips.

Although I’ve mentioned some of these items in the “Open Me First Boxes,” they’re also essential in the suitcases. For example, my electric toothbrush is packed in my suitcase and a spare toothbrush is in the Open Me First Bathroom Box.

Suitcase Essentials:
Underwear & socks (pack many extra of each)
Extra shoes
Weather appropriate clothing
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Personal toiletries
Hair dryer
Small first aid kit
Lint brush
Small travel umbrella
Passport & other important documents

*If moving during the school year have kids include any school supplies or books they may need.

What is the one luxury item you would bring in your suitcase?

Packing Tips – Before the Move