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When packing to move, you should designate one box in each room to be opened first. This will easy your transition, you’ll have the basics for each room quickly available before unpacking hem remaining boxes. Instead for using cardboard boxes like I did for most of our belongings, I used large plastic storage bins. Make sure your open me first bins are the last on the truck, so they are ready to be the first boxes.movingtip

Tea bags & Tea kettle (For you coffee drinkers: coffee, coffee filter and coffee maker)
Pet food
Pet food & water bowls
Foil, Plastic Wrap & Zipper top baggies
Dish detergent
Hand soap
Dish Towel
Roll of paper towels
Disposable cutlery, plates, cups (hot & cold) & bowls
Frying pan & Spatula
Medium pot
Wooden spoon
All purpose cleaner
A few trash bags
Box of pasta
Jar of sauce

Bath towels
Bath math
Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
Toilet Paper
Shower curtain and rings
Shampoo, conditioner, soap
Shaving cream & razor
First Aid Kit
Hand soap
Hand towel

Master Bedroom:
Bed linens
Phone charger
Curtains (there may not have one hanging up or they may not be thick enough, a good night’s sleep is important when moving)
Alarm clock

Children’s Bedroom:
Bed linens
Night light (even if they don’t normally need one, they may want one the first few nights in a new house)
Favorite stuffed animal
Favorite toy
Favorite book

Office: (or where ever you pay your bills)
Laptop & charger
Information for utility companies
Address book

Laundry Room:
Small packages of laundry soap & dryer sheets (the free samples you get in the mail are perfect, if not buy a few trial size ones)
Misc. Cleaning supplies (*An extra canister of Clorox Wipes is essential)
Iron & Spray starch

Make sure you have your suitcases with all of your essentials ready (See: Living out of a Suitcase), each member of the family should have their own.

What is the one essential item you couldn’t go without?

Packing Tips: Before the Move