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A few days ago I mentioned our move. I don’t know yet when I’ll have internet access again, so I left a few posts in the queue. I’m not usually one for blogging about the past, however I wrote these before we closed the door on our home and headed out on a new journey.

Organization is key when moving!packing tips

Set up a packing kit:
Clear packaging tape
Colorful Duct Tape
Thick markers
Boxes, you’ll need big and small
Index cards
Twist Ties
Ziplock bags
Packing foam, newspapers, etc…
Apron or Utility Belt (to keep supplies handy)

*For each room I used a different color duck tape to easily identify which boxes go into which rooms. I used teal for Pumpkin’s Room, purple for the living room, blue for the kitchen, etc…

*Designate one box in each room to be the Open Me First Box.

*If placing stuff in storage, clearly mark the boxes you are taking with you and the ones going to storage.

*Keep small items together in a zipper top bag to prevent small pieces from getting lost.

*Use twist ties to keep cords bundled together.

*Label TV, DVD player & video game cords.

*Label the outside of the box with a thick dark marker. Thin markers, pens and pencils are not very visible.

*Label the wider sides of the boxes, on both sides. Keeping it consistent will make reading the boxes easier.

*When packing items into a box, write a list of everything going into the box (this is a great job for a kid). Tape list on outside of box, so you can easily see what’s in there. I also used color coated index cards.

*Use blankets & towels to wrap electronics and other fragile items.

*Go to the liquor store for packing boxes. Some of them have cardboard dividers perfect for keeping breakables safe.

***Keep a boxer cutter or scissors handy for opening all these boxes when you move in!!!! Stash it in the glove box of the car so you can get to it easily.

Tomorrow’s Moving Tip? Open Me First Boxes…movingtip

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