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I remember how much I loved the texture of my crocheted baby blanket against my skin as a child. I also remember the cold smooth satin trim on several of my other blankets. I remember tactile details throughout my life

Hubster’s cousin is having a baby boy in August and this afternoon (actually, now) is her baby shower. I made her two blankets, one crocheted, one fleece with satin trim. The main color in the nursery is between a spearmint green and light sage green, with lot’s of neutral tones.

For the crochet blanket, I used my size “I” crochet hook to double stitch 52 rows with 70 stitches.  I created a striped pattern with the spearmint, chocolate, cream and tan plush yarn (8 rows spearmint, 2 tan, 1 cream, 2 tan, 8 spearmint, 2 cream, 1 chocolate, 2 cream, 8 spearmint, 2 chocolate, 1 tan, 2 chocolate, 8 spearmint).

Conner's Crocheted Blanket

Conner's Crocheted Blanket

For the fleece blanket, I used a cream-colored fleece and chocolate satin blanket binding I used cream thread to create the contrast n the blanket binding.

Conner's Fleece Blanket w/Satin Trim

Conner's Fleece Blanket w/Satin Trim

The blankets complement one another, so they can be used alone or apart. I also gave her two board books, my favorite children’s bedtime stories, Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. I folded the blankets, stacked the presents and tie them with a chocolate ribbon!

Looking forward to Connor’s arrival!

What do you remember from your early days? The smells? Tastes? Sounds? Or touches?