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Summer Grilling
June is here and summer is around the corner (my summer vacation starts Friday!)… These corn discs are great for parties, everyone can have as little or as much as they like. Their tiny size makes them perfect for kids or as appetizers. Great idea for a Father’s Day Menu!

Grilled Corn Discs

Grilled Corn Discs

corn, butter, fresh chopped cilantro, fresh ground sea salt, fresh ground pepper, lime juice, lime zest

Husk corn and throw away husk and silk. Slice cob into 2″ thick discs. Soak in water with a splash of lime juice
(or lemon juice). Grill discs over medium heat, turning a few times. Mist discs with lime juice as they grill. Remove from heat and brush or rub with butter to your liking, toss in cilantro, sea salt, pepper and zest. Serve hot.

*Play around with combinations of lime, orange and lemon juice and zest for the corn. Change it to use and match your favorite fresh herbs.

My Favorite Combinations: Lime Cilantro, Lemon Basil, Orange Dill