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This post is coming a bit late, it’s been busy around here (like usual). I said on Sunday that flowers are the most common gift for Mother’s Day… apparently in my family, it means ones to add to the garden (not a vase).

I bought my mom this beautiful hydrangea. One of my favorite flowering bushes. I would’ve planted some already, if I had found the perfect place. Hubster looked at the plant after I purchased it, and asked with a wrinkled up nose, “What’s that supposed to be?” After I filled him in, he told me it’s ugly and it’s something he would’ve never picked out. I’m hoping that is only because it was a young plant…



My one sister gave my mother a beautiful Azalea, white flowers with red stripes, I looks like little peppermint candies. My other sister gave us all vibrant  Celosia (plumosa), a beautiful upright annual.

What plants did you give/get on Mother’s Day?