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Hubster and I never use the back of our house… It’s the one side of our house that has a neighboring house. Four years ago we planted a dozen small blue spruces, last year we rocked, mulched and planted roses along the house. This weekend Hubster added a deck. My FIL helped him frame it on Saturday, my MIL and I pitched in also.

Deck Frame

Deck Frame

Sunday, Hubster added the planks and started the railing (just one side left to finish). I helped him in between loads of laundry… He was so dedicated he worked in the rain and in the dark, trying to get it finished.

Floor Planks

Deck Planks

It was a much-needed improvement, it is a very looong side of our already loooong ranch. The deck breaks up the length of our house definitely gives it more appeal. This is a prime location for grilling, I walk right out my kitchen door on my new deck. I plan to grow my herbs in planters on the deck. I can’t wait to move my grill to the deck and make dinner. Once Hubster has the last of the railing finished, I’ll be able to landscape around it.

Railing in the Rain

Railing in the Rain

Hubster is a good man… sometimes. 🙂

What was your weekend project?