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Blog Birthday, Blogiversary or Blogoversary? Today is mine!

Azalea Bloom

Azalea Bloom

It has been one year today since Young Wifey’s Blog was created (See my first post here). Thank you to everyone who regularly reads my ramblings and thank you to those who take a peek. I encourage everyone to comment (no matter how old the post may be), even if they’re just passing by and see something that interests them. I love hearing from people who’ve tried my recipes, made my crafts, have a tip, related to me or just had a laugh.

Before this post, I’ve written #183  posts, had #500 comments and just over 12,000 visitors. That’s with a slow attempt to start my blog last year and summer, then a broken camera in the fall. My most posted category is Cooking (second is Baking)…

Visitor’s Top 5 Favorite Posts from this past year are…

5. Roast Pumpkin Seeds

4. Dress for NC Wedding

3. Pretty Pavlova & Egg Yolk Beauty

2. Apron Tutorial

1. Sunscreen, Salsa, Side Dishes Surprises

My 5 Favorite Posts from the past year and the ones of which I’m most proud (no particular order)…

Gummi Candy,  Homemade Ice-cream Cake, Monster Dolls, BFF’s Baby Shower, Tuscan Vineyard in My Kitchen

Leave a comment and let me know which post on Young Wifey was your favorite to read in the past year.