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I recently read somewhere, about a trick to keep your cut daffodils longer-lasting. Turn daffodils upside down and fill the stem with water, plug the bottom with a small wad of cotton and then place into vase of water. I decided to give it a go with my daffodils. I always cut my flowers in the morning or late at night, when it’s cool. Combining new tricks with old, I cut and arranged my full-size, Tête-à-Têtes, and minnow daffodils.

Daffodil Daze

Daffodil Daze

I arranged the flowers into groups with height appropriate glass vases. I added my grape hyacinths for a splash of color and contrast in texture. I love varying the height, colors and textures of flower arrangements. I left the daffodils in the kitchen for the day, before deciding to relocate to my bathroom vanity.

What is your favorite cut flower to bring inside?