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As I’ve shared in earlier posts, I love Spring. The longer days, the warm sun, the sweet air, the flourishing green scenery…

The beginning of Spring means Spring cleaning!

Open windows and enjoy cool fresh air
Wipe all walls, trim with disinfectant
Dust ceiling fans and light
Wax floors
Wash curtains
Wash windows
Clean out pantry & kitchen cabinets
Clean out closets
Dry clean jackets
Wash all blankets and comforters
Put away winter clothing
Pull out sandals and lighter clothing
Hang up lighter curtains
Clean out freezer
Change seasonal decor
Trim indoor plants
Clean out magazine rack
Steam clean carpets and furniture

Remove any dead leaves and sticks
Re-mulch flower gardens
Bring fresh flowers inside

Wash, wax & detail
Check, refill and change all fluids
Registration & Inspection (mine just happen to fall in the Spring)

Get get a mani/pedi
Get hair trimmed & deep conditioned
Give myself a facial
Coat myself in self tanner