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The first full day of Spring is one of my favorite days of the entire year. As a celebration of this season, I sharing with you my newest seasonal poem.



Gradually the sun awakens the earth’s ground
Grass, leaves, and flowers are begun to be found

Flowers bloom and call for the gossiping bees
Above us grows the lush canopy of trees

The warm wind whispers to guide home the birds
Squirrels chatter each trying for the last word

The peepers sing out from the water at night
Spring enchanted as if by fairy or sprite

The fawns romp around and explore their new world
With vibrant daffodils, petals all curled

Young crocuses, cyclamen and  tulips dance
Weeping cherries blossom with budding romance

Rejuvenation, hope and calmness transcends
Springtime, a happy reunion of close friends