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I like holidays, no matter how large or small, to last a week. I love the excuse for any festivity. This week is insanely busy with rehearsal going after school until almost 11p.m. My sister already beat me to the Irish Potatoes, so I made a quick St. Patrick’s Day soup recipe. I have exactly 1 hour to make my soup, eat, clean up, post this and get to rehearsal… I love a challenge.

Ham & Three Bean Soup

Ham & Three Bean Soup

chunk of  ham (I used turkey ham), 1 can black beans, 1 can great northern beans, 1 can green beans, minced onions, parsley, pepper, water

Cut ham into smaller chunks and boil in water with minced onions, parsley and pepper. Add beans and boil for three minutes. Serve hot with warm soda bread (I prefer one that’s not sweet and without the raisins).

I prefer to use dried beans and soak them overnight, however I do what I can when time is limited.