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During our holiday in Scotland, we loved walking into a bakery and walking out with savory chicken pasties…  I decided to create the same yummy in the belly, easy to eat experience for dinner (think of it as a gourmet Hot Pocket).

Savoy Chicken Pasty

Savoy Chicken Pasty

Phyllo sheets, Chicken breasts, sour cream, Dijon mustard, pears, swiss cheese, olive oil (or melted butter)

Cook chicken breast in frying pan with EVOO (use any herbs, spices you like for your chicken). Remove from pan, allow to cool and pat dry. Brush olive oil on each layer of Phyllo. Mix together Dijon mustard and sour cream together and set aside. Layer 1 slice of cheese, pears, cream (thin layer), chicken, cream and second slice of cheese on the left side of the Phyllo sheets and fold over. Brush with olive oil and press sides closed. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes.

Yum, yum! I think this would be very plain without the pears, Hubster thinks it would be very plain without the ham. Next time I am going to try bleu cheese with my pears and chicken instead of the swiss.

*Hubster’s chicken breast was wrapped in a thin slice of ham before layering his ingredients in his pasty. Sort of chicken cordon bleu…

*You may prefer the taste of the butter over the olive oil.

*Of course you can add any combination of meat, cheese and veggies to make these delicious pasties. What combinations are you going to try?