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When Hubster first purchased our house, spray painting our kitchen cabinet hardware a “brushed silver” was his quick and inexpensive way to update them. However, the paint started to chip in places and the handle styles are extremely outdated (the original 1950’s hardware). Five years later, hoping to refinance our home and throw in an appraisal, it was time for a quick update.

As we walked down the hardware isle at our nearest home improvement store, we gasped at the $8 price tag that went with each handle (remembering why we decided to paint them in the beginning). We needs 25 pulls for our kitchen cabinets and didn’t want to spend $200 for such a minor detail. So after comparison shopping we found pulls we liked that were less than $3 a pop.

So with some hardware removal, wood putty, sanding, painting, drilling and installing the hardware we were done the first step of our plan. Such a small visual change, but it helped nudge the kitchen more toward our Tuscan dream (which is hard to create since we prefer blues and green to the rusts and yellows).

In the fall we conquered several kitchen projects. However, since one project leads to another, this weekend we also decided to paint the base trim to match the chair rail (chocolate truffle), install a new overhead microwave (our last one just died), and warm up the walls from the Ultra White to a Navajo White. The kitchen looks like new again. Rory our cat even helped us paint…

Rory's Paintbrush

Rory's Paintbrush

Still on our kitchen (short) to-do list:
Repaint ceiling
Re-grout tile with darker color (light grout is so difficult to keep looking good)
Commission a talented local artist to create a Tuscan painting for our one wall
New windows
Replace doorknob to pantry & basement door