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A friend of mine sent me a link he had found and requested I try the recipe and give him some feedback. I looked at the post and laughed, because I was looking to try a gummi candy recipe. I looked at this recipe and it seemed easy enough, besides I leapt at the chance to use my new candy molds. My nephew’s first birthday party is this Sunday and what better food critic than a group of toddlers and little kids?!

The directions were really easy and kids would love to make these! Make sure you use a liquid measuring cup to pour the liquid into the molds. I definitely needed to dust the backs of the candy with cornstarch before pulling them out of the molds, the were too sticky if not. I was a little nervous pulling them out of the molds, since they don’t pop out like chocolates and I was afraid of tearing them. They were extremely forgiving, not one single gummi tore. I used molds with varying depths and found they all worked just as well as the others. Hubster and Pumpkin equally enjoyed all the flavors I made, berry blue, lime, orange, lemon and strawberry. Pumpkin often picks out the flavors he enjoys, now I can make him only the flavors he enjoys. The recipe worked just as well with sugar-free Jell-o, homemade sugar-free candy? Score! For gummi bear consistency, use two packets of unflavored gelatin, for Swedish Fish® consistency use three packets. Pumpkin repeated saying, “I just don’t understand how you made all of these!”

Gummi Candy

Gummi Candy

*This recipe isn’t vegetarian and I’ve love to find an easy recipe for vegetarian gummi candy.