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It’ been a week since I last posted, we’re still trying to catch up for the wedding in NC last weekend. I have a few projects for the weekend, so hopefully I’ll post more.

I got the idea for these Monster Doll’s when I saw a cute onesie and bib at my BFF’s baby shower. My youngest nephew’s first birthday was the perfect opportunity to make him a cute monster doll (or two, or three…). His older brother just turned two in November and I decided to make enough for them to able to share. I thought it would be cute for them to have a small crowd of monsters.monsterdolls

After quickly sketching a few quick cute monsters, I cut their bodies out of fleece. I cut out their eyes, teeth and other features from fleece and felt, then stitched them on their faces with my sewing machine. Then placing wrong sides together I stitched together their bodies, leaving some room to stuff them. I trimmed the excess fabric, notched the curved edges, turned right side out, stuffed and stitched closed.