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The past few days I showed you the dress I made for the wedding in NC and the faux fur capelet. We’re driving as I post this.

I was going to create a fascinator for my hair. They’re perfect for emphasizing an updo or jazzing up down hair. I found a few tutorials and began to gather supplies; black hair comb – check, silver flower – check, sparkly glitter – check, hot glue gun – check, black fluffy feathers – nada, zilch, nunca, zero. I looked at four different stores for nice black feathers, the best I could find weren’t even worth using in another craft. This craft project turned into a bust!

I had to resort to purchasing a hair accessory. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this cute feathered headband I found on sale. I do plan to make my own fascinators soon in the future, it’s just a matter of finding the right feathers. Hubster joked with me, “Are you going to start making your own pantyhose too?” No, I am not… nor any of my undergarments or shoes…

Faux Fascinator

Faux Fascinator