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Hubster and I are attending a family wedding in North Carolina this coming weekend. I’ve already made my party dress and was unsure of the winter weather in NC. I started to crochet a black shawl, but with the holidays I knew I wouldn’t get it finished in time for the wedding. I recently spotted black faux fur and knew I wanted to make a capelet type thing. I poked around my fabric bin and found a small amount of black satin backed crêpe , not enough to line a cape, so I decided to line it with faux fur. I doubled over the fur, and cut a rectangle, curving them bottom corners slightly. I then put the wrong side of fabric together, inserting satin blanket binding (for the ties) and stitched together (leaving a small gap). I trimmed the excess from the seams, turned right side of fabric outwards and I hand stitched the bottom hole. I then flopped the top over and tacked down in 5 spots, creating a graduated collar. Voilà!

Black Faux Fur Capelet

Black Faux Fur Capelet

One nephew keeps asking, “How do you know how to do all this stuff?” and the other nephew keeps saying, “Amazing! You could make a lot of money.” Such a young entrepreneur.

How do you like my capelet?