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Just a quick note before chilling the champagne (or sparkling wine in my case)…

New Year's Toast 2010

New Year's Toast 2010

Before Christmas, Hubster was watching me (and football) dust the shelves in the living room and told me there was no point to clean the shelves… or the couch… or trim… or the ceiling… or the walls. Hubster and I have two really different views on cleaning. His idea is putting (and/or shoving) things away so you cannot see them and running the vacuüm. My idea is to use cleaning products and tools in every nook and cranny. Yes, I vacuüm more often than I dust and sometimes there are dishes in the sink.

I do not have a craft room, I sew, craft, and create many things. Useful things, gifts, toys, etc… Why do I not have a craft room? Instead I have small baskets throughout the house hiding various crafts projects and tools. Then there’s the bedroom. I used to have storage under the bed, however, with the new bed, I’ve lost that craft storage. So now I have a desk and a bench overflowing with craft projects. I don’t even like having a desk in the bedroom. I have to organize all my crafts, find one collective spot for my tools and projects (complete all my projects) and reclaim my bedroom. The is my New Year’s Resolution. Hopefully Hubster’s will be to finish the basement and make me a craft room…

It’s always good to start a New Year’s Resolution before the New Year, you’ll feel positive and ready to tackle anything. You’ll have a real reason to pop open the champagne.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?