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Hubster’s family gets Thanksgiving Day (which is hard for me, because they don’t watch the parade in the am!). The first year I was involved in their festivities he didn’t inform me there would be two dinners. After stuffing myself in the Thanksgiving fashion at his maternal aunt’s dinner, he said, “I hope you saved room!” Now he tells me! Then we headed to his paternal grandmother’s house for another round! His grandmother kept placing more and more food on my plate (after my first plate), insisting I needed more meat on my bones. I was struggling not to get sick and not to offend my future family.

This year, my MIL is hosting dinner at her house, so both sides are attends. One dinner. Huge *sigh* of relief! I’m bringing a dessert and decided to try out a new recipe as well as my new mini bundt pans. After his cousin, who’s also bringing a dessert, called me to coordinate, I decided to make a gingerbread cake and add some chocolate. Many chocolate gingerbread recipes aren’t the right balance for me, they add cocoa powder to the batter. I wanted to keep the gingerbread batter’s own flavor. I baked my gingerbread mini bundts for 18 minutes at 325°F, my batch of batter made 18 cakes. I decided to add chocolate chips to the batter and pour a chocolate ganache over top. If everyone enjoys this dessert, maybe I’ll make some to take to my sister’s Christmas!

Chocolate Gingerbread Baby Bundts