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With Thanksgiving less than one week away, Christmas has taken over my mind, building up to New Year’s and it’s not over until Three King’s Day. I enjoy Thanksgiving as a holiday when my friends and family get together; I’m thankful all holiday season. It’s the kick off of the Holiday season, worries seem to melt away and people spend more time enjoying things they often take for granted.

I host a Thanksgiving dinner at my house each year, either the Saturday before or after the holiday. My few days off include two days of cooking and baking my tweaked recipes, ones from my family as well as Hubster’s family. We break last year’s wishbone, making a place for this year’s to hang. Yummy leftovers to look forward to, new recipes to create. It’s this week the merlot decorations remain, the oranges ones begins to be replaced by the hunter green. Gingerbread house decorating. Christmas tree selecting & decorating. A drive up to Candy Cane Lane (in South Williamsport every house on this street is decorated to the nines and lit up, the cars line up 9 blocks away, for their chance to drive up and share the holiday cheer) rounds out my kick off week.  And yes, all season long I listen to overplayed Christmas music and watch the cheesy made for t.v.  Christmas movies. There’s the pictures on Santa’s lap and the reindeer in the pen downtown. I wrap the presents as I purchase them and make them, I send out my holiday cards. My kitchen smells of sweet chocolate, fudge, and crisp gingerbread; my living room pine and wood. I drink more hot cocoa and it always seem to be topped with whipped cream and crushed peppermints.

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is when Hubster and I turn off all the lights in the living room except for the tree. We lay down with our heads under the pine and look up at the lights, holiday music soothing into the background. We lay there and look, we talk, we laugh, we enjoy the silence as we watch our dreams unfold.

This is what the holiday season means to me…

What does it mean to you?