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I’ve always dreamed about earrings I’d love to make my sister… However, she doesn’t wear them. Sometimes I think of cute necklaces I could make to match my earrings… However, I don’t wear them. You think I’d make a complete set and wear the matching earrings to my sister’s necklace. As much as we are  alike, we’re also different.

A little over a month ago my sister felt the need to wear more green. I decided to jump on that and make her a long over due necklace. I wanted the green necklace to look like her (she knows what I mean), and spent two weeks (7 crafts stores) looking for a pendant I thought would work. There was a strong need to put turquoise in the necklace as well, being the color we both love so much. Once I had my beads chosen, I was ready to create my healing vision.

I started the necklace and the next day I saw she blogged about a green and blue necklace she purchased… she beat me to the punch! Finally I finished my necklace for her, but I couldn’t photograph it because I didn’t have my camera back yet. Then I got my camera back, but couldn’t post it because she hadn’t received it yet!  B, I hope you like it!

Healing Necklace

Healing Necklace