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Many people compliment a women’s ability to bake, cook, sew, garden, or craft, by calling her a Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, or Bree (a la Desperate Housewives). However if the woman receiving the compliment isn’t a fan of one of these women, she can be insulted instead.

Real Life Famous Homemakers

Martha Stewart – Lied to officials and went to jail… Never really been a fan of this woman, she always seemed a bit snobbish to me. Although she did make a career out of things that most of us do anyway (without her advice).

Rachel Ray – Some say she isn’t as chipper as she seems on television, but who is bubbly 24/7?

Rachel still wins my votes on this round!

Fictitious Homemakers

June Cleaver – When the series began, Beaver was in second grade and my son is as well. My son also can’t seem to keep out of trouble, sort of like Beaver. Although I love her charm and simplicity, she may be a little too outdated.

Betty Crocker – This fictitious woman hasn’t aged since she was created, only her look was updated. Not too much personality is shown with this character.

Bree (Van de Kamp) Hodge – Alcoholic and adulterer? Come on, not ideal! Of course, despite her flaws and quirks, everyone still love this peppery domestic diva.

Bree, I think your sass won this round for you.

Please think before complimenting your skillful homemaker. I smile and know that people have the best intentions if they call Martha… I just insert a name I’d rather hear.

Although, when I ruin a recipe or craft, I think to myself, “Oh no! I did a Susan.”