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October has nippy nights and sometimes warm afternoons. Although autumn officially starts in September, my fall preening takes place in in this festive month (in September, I do back-to-school cleaning).

Below is my fall cleaning to-do-list:

Plants all new bulbs
√Touch up garden
Wash sheers and put up winter curtains
Switch our cream/white candles of burgundy/wine candles
√Clean pillows & comforters
Replace water filter
√Reprogram thermostats
Reset lights on timers
√Take AC units out of windows
Wash windows, inside & out
√Replace storm windows
√Lock windows
Caulk windows if necessary
Replace or fix anything in the house
Dust, wipe, sweep, vacuum every nook and cranny of the house
Wipe all patio equipment & store in basement
Shut off outdoor spigots at the pipes
Add winter windshield washer fluid to car
√Pull out winter jackets (and dry clean if necessary)
Rotate artwork and decorative accessories
Decorate with small gourds & pumpkins
√Repair any clothing
Put away summer clothing
√Pull out winter sweaters

What other things are on your fall cleaning list? Leave a comment and let me know!