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Every year at the Bloomsburg Fair I get an apple dumpling from Bissinger’s, a seasonal favorite. Their stand has to have the longest line at the fair as people line up down the row, around the corner and down the next row. They make the apple dumplings right in front of the customers as they curve their way up to the counter. They also make peach dumplings and you can purchase either with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon ice cream, milk or plain. I got mine plain, Hubster got his with vanilla ice cream. I’ve never had cinnamon ice-cream, but maybe it should be on my to-do list?…  Each year I watch them work and think about making my own dumplings.

I made my usual pie dough and cut it into large squares and buttered the topside of the dough. I peeled the apples and cored them. Then I cut them into a spiral, keeping the apple together. I placed the apple in the middle of the dough and filled the hollow core with a mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar and white sugar. I also sprinkled the mixture at the base of the apple. I topped off the apple with a pat of butter. Pulling up opposite corners of the dough, two at a time, I pressed them together. Then I pressed all four seams together and sprinkled the remaining sugar & spice mixture over top. I baked the dumplings at 400°F for about an hour. Cool a little before serving hot! Yum!

Try it with my cinnamon ice-cream recipe!

*They made the peach dumplings the same way…