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Garden Visitor
One of my former university advisors (from graduate school) and his wife stopped by a few weeks ago to enjoy my garden. The semester I had finished at the university, I had just started my front perennial garden. He loved listening to my trials and tribulations and I was planning and planting my first garden. Now I have a side garden, island garden, shade garden and back garden (partially) to show! He commented that he likes to see how I grow as a professional and as a gardener.

Now Showing!
My magic carpet rose really have some abracadabra power, pink, red and yellow blooms are still bountiful. I have vases of them throughout the house and I take a few to work with me each week. My day lilies are blooming with their endless season of blooms. The heather is blooming and giving a soft look to the garden. The berries on my groundcover winterberry are turning red. The purple coral bells are still blooming, yet the yellow yarrow is beginning to fade. The cool crisp mornings are followed by warm afternoons (except last weekend) which fall into chilly evenings. The leaves on the japanese maple are turning vibrant vivd colors. I hope my camera is fixed before these colors fade.

Garden Work
It’s time to rip off the browning leaves and trim up my evergreens. The spiders have been so busy the past two weeks, I’ve spotted many beautiful webs in my garden. I also spotted two huge praying mantises (I remember one day , when I was a kid, I spotted three of them in my parents garden before anyone else had time to discover them first), I’ll have to keep my eyes open for an egg sack hatched this spring. I still have more chicks and hens and seed pods to share with friends. I’m also anticipating the delivery of my fall bulbs.

Next year, I’m looking for some fall flowering perennials to plant. Any suggestions?