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During graduate school I waited at a restaurant which sometimes had this incredible soup de jour, Curried Chicken and Peaches. I’ve never been a fan of peaches (too sweet), I liked curry when it wasn’t over done (which all too often, it is), but together in a soup? I was hesitant the first time I tried it, expecting too much of one or the other. It was perfectly balanced and I couldn’t get enough of it! Unfortunately, I haven’t had it since I stopped working there. I’ve stopped in several times, but it’s never the soup de jour when I’m there.

The recipe is impossible to find anywhere! The chef once told me what all was in it, but like me he didn’t have exact measurements. So my attempt to guess was not easy, but this recipe has some similar ingredients, so I used it as a basis to figure out my recipe. Overall my soup wasn’t as thick as I wanted and was just a hair sweeter than what I was aiming. Next time, I’ll use dark chicken meat, less peaches and more cream. I’m going to try again in the future (I want it to be perfect before I share my recipe).