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These are some of the healthy baking swaps I’ve been working on incorporating into my old and trusted recipes. I’m trying to be more sensitive to my family & friend dieters.

Everyone has heard of using applesauce for a fat substitute. While most do not notice the subtle change, those with a sensitive pallet may not enjoy the swap. Instead puree your own favorite, mashed banana, canned pears, canned peaches, even fruit baby food.

*Add 1 c. of puree cannelloni beans to a box brownie mix and bake. This cuts down on fat and increase your protein intake.

If you add cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves they enhance the natural sweetness of food, so you can use less sugar.

If you’re substituting for fats, bake about 25° cooler and check a few minutes earlier.

Leave out coconut or nuts from ingredients if not necessary, this can cut down on the fat.

When trying to reduce sugar, use half sugar, half Splenda when baking.