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I’ve recently talked about goal setting, getting organized and accomplishing tasks. It’s time to go through my magazine rack and weed out old magazines. The magazine I receive are Better Homes & Gardens, Family Fun, American Baby, Baby Talk, and Glamour. I have a few simple steps to keep down this extra clutter, but still keep the inspiration from the magazines.

1. I remember that most magazine publications have their crafts, recipes and articles online for my easy reference.

2. I rip and tear out every single picture, articles, recipe or blurb that inspires me.

3. I sort them pages into piles: recipes, home crafts, gift crafts, kid crafts, purchases, tips, facts, etc.. Then I collage the items to appropriate pages and keep them in individual sections (in those clear plastic protector sheets) of a three ring binder. I now have all the things I would like to try at my fingertips.

4. I keep the covers in chronological order in one three ring binder.

5. I recycle the remaining magazine (making paper beads, craft collages or the in recycling bin).

6. I smile at the almost empty magazine rack and wait for next months issues.