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For my birthday week, Hubster and I saw two movies at the theatre, Julie & Julia and The Ugly Truth.

Julie & Julia was a semi-cute movie, which I could relate to since it was about cooking & blogging, Hubster could only relate to the eating aspect. He left the theatre twice to refill his drink and stop at the restroom, I thought he was going to go into a different movie. I laughed a few times, however somethings from the trailer didn’t make the final cut. I was bored with the move. It’s definitely a movie I wished I had rented so I didn’t have to make Hubster watch it with me. Not impressed.

We saw The Ugly Truth the last day it was at our local theatre, I had wanted to see it earlier in the summer. It was a cute romantic comedy, rated R only for the language (some crazy young couple had their 4 year old in the theatre!). It was a movie that we could both enjoy. Hubster said he wasn’t sure if the people were laughing more at the jokes or at me laughing loudly (apparently I laughed like my mom does on the Tilt-A-Whirl).  It was a much better movie experience than the previous. I’d watch it again.