My mother had a wonderful tool when I was younger, that is, until my sister broke it. It was a cordless iron. I loved using it to iron, it really made things so much easier. The first time I used a regular iron I was in college, I looked ridiculous trying to use it. I stared at it forever, figuring out what to do with the cord. Quickly, I got the cord stuck in the ironing board. It didn’t have a base to snap into, I knocked it over and caught it by the dangling cord before it hit the ground. I was a clown. I hated ironing since then.

Last week I ordered a Panasonic Cordless Iron, it arrived today (on my birthday)! Cordless irons are great, they don’t get tangled, they don’t tip and you don’t have to wait until they’re cool to put them away (just snap on the case lid and stow)! There’s also 1500W of steam power (Tim the Tool Man Taylor would love it). I bought this iron particularly for my birthday. Yes. How sad is that? Another wife getting cleaning supplies for her birthday! That’s alright, Hubster will get some power tool this year!