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Students, parents and teachers all have back to school prep rituals. Yesterday was my students’ first day back to school and in honor of it, I’m posting my back-to-school home projects. Hopefuly I’ll remember to check them off as I accomplish them. And yes, I’m one of those people who go back and add something, just so they can cross it off of the list.

Below is a ritual of home projects I do at Back-to-School time (it’s much different than my fall cleaning tasks):

√Upload songs onto IPods
√Rewrite my schedule
√Clean out pantry & restock
Make food that has been pushed to the back
√Clean out clothing closet
√Put aside unwanted clothing to go to B Green Loft
√Hem new pants
√Repair buttons, snags, etc.. on clothing
Polish & repair shoes
Resort jewelry and make repairs
√Reorganize coat closet
Trim indoor plants
Wash & Wax car
√Vacuum & Steam Clean car
Clean out bathroom cabinets
√Get rid of unwanted products & expired products
√Give myself a facial, manicure & pedicure
√Treat myself to a new beauty product and a new accessory
√Clean out magazine rack
Organize torn out magazine articles & recipes
√Get rid of old toys
√Take dog & cat to vet
√Get water bottles, ice-packs, misc. things to take to work
Prep easy dinners for the freezer
√Put aside 10 back up lunches (no need to refrigerate, microwaveable lunches, such as cans of soup) for Hubster and myself
Write out a few menu items
Clear off desk
√Clean out inbox
Clear off computer desktop
√Write a to-do list of my fall garden & home projects
√Get out my leather bag and restock it with school essentials
Plan a yard sale or donate unwanted items
√Restock laundry room and cleaning products