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So I haven’t posted in a week for a few reasons. 1) My digital camera is acting crazy (I need to dig out my warranty), 2) We were on vacation, and 3) We were shopping for a new vehicle. 

While on vacation we saw too-good-to-be-true advertisements for car dealerships. We already knew that we needed to trade in our ’98 Jeep Wrangler (much to Hubster’s dismay) and purchase a vehicle that is better fit for a family (we’re hoping to expand soon). The “Let’s Be Green” stimulus Cash for Clunkers seemed like a great idea (especially with the additional factory rebates), we’d get more for our Jeep than it was probably worth and we’d acquire a new vehicle. A win-win for everybody, right? That’s what we though at first until we started our car search and did a little research.

These were the problems we faced:

1) Our first choice SUV didn’t qualify.

2) Our Jeep would become junk! They’d pour something into the engine to wreck it and it would be crushed. So much for being green! Why not donate it to a cause that would fix it up and donate it to someone who could use a vehicle or at least use the parts for scraps!

3) Every dealership we went to was out of 2009 SUVs.

4) Every dealership called within 300-700 miles and couldn’t transfer a 2009 SUV.

5) Every dealership offered to order new 2010 SUVs, which started a whole new set of dilemmas.

        5a) 2010 vehicles were more expensive.

       5b) We’d have to wait longer for a new vehicle.

        5c) In order to get the Cash for Clunkers, we’d then have to order the SUV without test driving that updated model.

6) Most factory rebates were pulled, due to the outstanding response to the Cash for Clunkers.

7) Some dealerships wouldn’t even bother talking to us when they knew we were interested in the Cash for Clunkers and wanted to get a SUV.

One place that did take the time to talk with us and answer all of our questions was Alexander Nissan. After much dealing, debating and consideration we decided to purchase a used 2006 Nissan Xterra S (midnight blue). With only $6,000 miles on it, what a deal!  And they gave us $4,500 trade-in for our Jeep! It was the car we looked at years ago, yet never thought we would be able to afford one (being a bit frugal). A roof rack for our kayaks, more interior room, an extended 6-year warranty, emergency roadside kits, wet rack for our swim gear, lot’s of room for our 60 lb. border collie and so many more features, there was just no choice. We got a used vehicle that was like brand new, for about $10,000 less than any other deal we could find out there. We left happy and ready to use a vehicle that fits our needs and our budget and someone else can love our Wrangler.

Now there were some 2009 sedans hanging around that would have been great deals, however a SUV fit our family needs. So if you’re in the market for a new sedan, take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers.