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Pumpkin's Birdhouse

Pumpkin’s Birdhouse

These are the things that remind me of summer…


Butterfly on Salvia Bloom

Butterfly on Salvia Bloom 


ice-cream, watermelon, sprinkler chases,
sun, bare feet, fireflies, smiling faces,
kickball, baseball, running bases,
traveling to far away places

hammocks, tree swings,
ice-cream truck rings,
bird sings

roses, lilies, green leaves,
Virginia creeper climbing up the eaves

Fire Color Asiatic Lilies

Fire color Asiatic Lilies

corn of the cob, coleslaw, picnic in the park
sunscreen, swimsuit, ocean sand, tooth of a shark

hiking, backpack
boardwalk, kayak

fireman carnival,
most favorite of them all,

freckles appear,
ice-cold root-beer

swimsuits, cutoff shorts,
laughing until someone snorts

headband sunglasses,
watching the cloud as it passes,

strawberry, blueberry,
blackberry, raspberry

summer camp,
luggage’s damp

honey bees,
climbing trees,
warm breeze,
sun brewed teas

sun showers,
giant sunflowers

daisy crowns,
cheerful sounds,
lying on the mossy ground

swimming pools,
acting like fools,
helping daddy with his tools

frisbee, beach ball,
leisurely stroll

water guns and water balloons,
if we ever stop, it’d be too soon

longer days,
are full of play

Rickett's Glen Waterfalls

Rickett’s Glen Waterfalls 

dinner on a campfire,
under a starlit sky we retire

Young Wifey