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Chambord Bottle

After: Chambord Soap Dispenser
After: Chambord Soap Dispenser

French Dreams..

I have many plans (dreams, visions…) for our house, more than I have time and money to complete as fast as I would like. The two big indoor projects that I would like to accomplish this year is to finish off our basement (realistically, start it) and redo the bathroom.

We refinished the bathroom our first year in the house; we painted over the stenciled birds and hearts and changed the lighting, flooring, fixtures, and vanity top. We finished it to be livable not lovable. I started to dislike the extremely neutral room, often changing the towels, area rug, curtain, and accessories to liven up the room.

My inspiration is my mother’s french country antique bathroom. I’ve never been a wallpaper enthusiast, but she had found a beautiful textured wall paper and bought several rolls (so she’d have extra to match up the pattern). She had eight rolls left over and gave them to Hubster and me to use.Wallpaper Rolls I plan to wallpaper the upper wall, the bottom portion will have tan wainscoting with trim. The vanity base, hanging cabinet, and mirror trim will be an antique walnut, in order to add a masculine touch and balance the femininity of the wallpaper. The fixtures will be bronze and some will be porcelain. I want to replace the vanity, tub, and toilet with white onesWallpaper Close-Up (the current tan ones blend in too much). I would like to re-tile the floor with small white ceramic tiles with a darker grout. The towels we have now will continue to work, although I would like to embroider a monogram on them or add a fleur de lis or such. Idealistically a bronze tin ceiling would complete the look, but whether that’s a go is up to Hubster.

The only step I’ve taken to my french elegance (my spin on my mom’s bathroom) bathroom is a small reminder of what is to come. My Chambord soap dispenser. I saved an empty Chambord bottle, removed the gold trim and the label and fit it with a silver pump. Once it’s in my French bathroom, it’ll have a bronze pump which I already purchased. It is filled with a creamy milk & honey soap (which I alternate with a creamy almond hand-soap).

I found a shower curtain that goes with the wall-paper on clearance.

Shower Curtain Close-Up

Shower Curtain Close-Up

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